“Me as a Chair”

“Me as a Chair” Honorable Mention, poster contest from ASID (American Scociety of Interior Designers) Florida chapter

On a 11” x 17” poster, convey an original chair design that expresses your individuality. and why it represents your design/personal philosophy. A mangrove tree is the element that represents what I want, to make people aware of what is the reality and what we should achieve to create a better world. I always believed that I had to give my grain of sand to help people to live in a better society. Create conscience about our future if we keep going acting like we do. We need new ideas, and mangrove it is a great example as a selfsustained system that we can imitate as an independent subject from the world that gives food and shelter to lots of species. We can apply this philosophy in our communities without the false necessities.


chair model

Chair in scale, hand made


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